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Dinosaur World!

Bos Productions, 2016-2017

Director: Derek Bond

Puppet Designer: Max Humphries

Primary Puppet Team: Charlie Hoare, Cheryl Brown 

Role: Assistant Puppet Maker

Banquo's Ghost


Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, 2016

Director: Patrick McHail

Design Tutors: Bettina Reves, Jen Rowlands

Puppet Tutors: Emma Powell, Rorie Brophy

Role:  Puppet Designer and Maker


T-Rex and Triceratops

Gertie the Giraffe

City of the Unexpected - Animal Wall Puppets

National Theater Wales, 2016

Director: Nigle Jamieson

Project Designer: Dan Portia

Team: Laura Martin, Joe Aragon 

Role: Structure & Mechanism Engineer, Maker


Frog Footman

Alice's Adventures Underground 

Les Enfants Terribles, 2017

Directors: James Seager, Oliver Lansley

Designers: Samuel Wyer, Max Humphries

Team: Max Humphries, Jo Lakin, Cheryl Brown

Role: Puppet Maker