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Puppets are transformative things. With every movement they hover between life and death. If performed well, this balance creates a potent meta-drama. Inviting the audience to suspend their disbelief completely; rooting for the puppets very right to live even as they act out their play.

Although I didn’t study puppetry in my undergraduate costume course, I have long seen them as an unmatched blend of character design and story-telling. My time on the Puppetry MA at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama gave me the opportunity to explore this incredible fusion, building on my roots in costume design and production from a BFA in Technical Theater at Western Oregon University and several internships throughout the United States. I made my first puppets at RWCMD in October 2015, and since then have had the good fortune to learn an amazing variety of skills both at college and from several professional puppet makers in the UK. It has been an intense and rewarding change.  Currently I work as a freelance designer and maker of puppets, working mostly between the the south-west of England, Atlanta Georgia and Denver Colorado. Feel Free to get in touch if you're interested in working with me!

Puppets are captivating, from their amazing cultural history to their astounding technical feats on the contemporary stage, and  I am overjoyed to be on the threshold of a career where I get to spread this amazing art form far and wide. 

Izzy Bristow 

MA-Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
          Puppet Design and Production
BFA-Western Oregon University
          Costume Design and Production    01.720.548.8758 - USA    44. 7838.201944 - UK
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