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Dragons and Mythological Beasts


Working under Max Humphries and with Nicoll Entertainment I am part of a team building 7 magical beast puppets. From a four meter tall elk inspired forest spirit to a plush arm held Baku (a Japanese sprit that eats nightmares) we are realy streatching ourselves as designers and makers to bring you one hell of a show.

Un-named Cooking Show Muppets

My first attempt at Muppet style puppets. I was commissioned by my sister who is a chef to build 2 puppets for her to act against in a cooking YouTube channel. 

Beltane (working Title)

The first in what will hopefully be a small series of short puppet films that take a dark look at fairy tales from around the world. 

A House of Funny Noises project, 

Directed by Helena Houghton

Written by Matt Gibbs

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